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Science History Podcast

Jun 11, 2020

Today we explore what mathematicians would refer to as the non-trivial intersection between science and poetry. Guiding us through these overlapping sets is a person uniquely suited to the task, the science writer Dava Sobel. Dava is the author of prominent and best-selling science history books, including Longitude, Galileo’s Daughter, The Planets, A More Perfect Heaven, and The Glass Universe. She is also the editor of Meter, the poetry series in Scientific American. Dava began her career as a science journalist in 1970. She worked as a science writer for the Cornell University News Bureau and as a reporter for the New York Times. She also wrote pieces for many other outlets, including Harvard Magazine, Omni, Science Digest, Discover, Audubon, Life, and The New Yorker. She says that her best academic credential is undoubtedly her diploma from the Bronx High School of Science, where she graduated in 1964. Dava has received numerous literary prizes in recognition of her outstanding contributions to science history.